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Our founding team is made of gamers and developers. Between the three of us, we have eight degrees in physics and 60+ years playing games.

Bill Freeman, PhD

Co – Founder / CEO

Bill Freeman has been playing CS:GO for more than 15 years, has a PhD in Physics, and wants to help you get better! He enjoys teamflashing (but calling it first!) and building the best AI-powered coach ever to exist.

Email: Bill@PureSkill.gg
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Co – Founder / CTO

Evan Sosenko is a lifetime PC gamer, has a PhD in Physics, and is building sweet data pipelines and all that good stuff under the hood. He enjoys hitting sick 360 noscopes and ensuring this website runs smoothly.

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Ethan Batson

Co – Founder / CSO

Ethan Batson is a game industry Data Scientist with AAA studio experience and an MS in physics that builds the data science around here. He enjoys long walks down long A with a shotty, looking suspiciously similar to n0thing, and developing innovative data science solutions for all to enjoy.

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