What would you like to know?

Will I be VAC banned?

No. We assess your demo after you have finished playing. You don’t install any programs.

How much does it cost?

The 2D demo viewer is completely free. The assessments are in beta and cost $15 per month. Our AI coach will tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. It optimizes the advice so you improve as fast as possible.

How do I analyze my demos?

First, click on sign up and make an account. Then link your steam account and CS:GO account. After that, we analyze your games completely automatically.

How do I find a match sharecode?

This video can help. Using the oldest match lets us download many of your matches, but using the one from the steam support page also works.

How does the skill assessment work?

We pull apart your CS:GO demo file and analyze that data using statistics, machine learning, deep learning, and other techniques. With this analysis, we measure your skill in several different CS:GO-specific metrics like shooting, movement, grenades, and crosshair placement. We then figure out what you’re missing to get to the next level and suggest ways to practice and improve in those areas. We take into consideration not just your skill, but how that skill compares to others at your rank. As you rank up, you may need to improve on mechanics that we said were fine previously!

How do you determine the numerical score?

Have you ever given a movie a rating out of ten? We try and do something similar where 10 is the best, 5 is OK, and 1 is the worst.

If you’re in our discord, you can see many CS:GO coaches there. They provide out-of-ten ratings for players by watching their replays, then we calibrate our system to give similar values.

We also measure certain statistics or metrics as a function of rank and compare your numbers to that to get some of the out-of-ten ratings.

How do I sign up?

Click here.

What economic mistakes can you detect?

Right now we detect first round mistakes, buying more armor when you already have enough, not buying more armor when you need to, forgetting utility on buy rounds, not upgrading your primary weapon, and buying too much on a save round.

We plan on adding second round mistakes, upgrading your pistol when you shouldn’t have, not dropping for a teammate, too many awps, buying a zeus too much, and forgetting to buy armor entirely.

What kind of shooting assessments do you do?

We look at your headshot rate, missing your first shots, moving while shooting, pistol spray length, allowing your recoil to reset, and shooting your teammates.

What sort of movement mistakes can you detect?

We look at your movement just before engaging to see if you are moving in the direction you’re looking, or are you strafing left/right.

Much more coming soon!

What do you look at in my grenades?

For flashes, we look at how often you throw flashes, how often you blind enemies, how often you blind teammates, and how often you blind yourself.

For smokes, we only look at how often you throw them, but plan on adding much more soon.

For damage grenades (HE, incendiary, and molotov) we look at how often you throw them and how much damage per round you do with these grenades.

Why can’t I look at other people’s matches?

PureSkill.gg is intended to be a self-evaluation tool. We do not support analyzing other people’s gameplay as we feel this would be a violation of their privacy.

If you have set up your account (it’s free) then your friends can share matches with you if they send you a link. Here is a link to an example match.

Why does the analysis take so long?

We are squeezing every tick for every bit of information we can get. This process takes quite some time! Speeding things up is definitely on the TODO list!

Is Faceit/ESEA/CEVO/manual demo upload supported?

Not right now, although we get this feature request quite often so it is something we plan on supporting in the near future.