What would you like to know?

Will I be VAC banned?

No. We assess your demo after you have finished playing. You don’t install any programs.

How much does it cost?

We are in open alpha and that is free! Sign up before space runs out.

How do I analyze my demos?

First, click on sign up and make an account. Then link your steam account. This lets us know which player is you! Then copy a match sharecode from a recent matchmaking game and paste that link into the box on your account page. We then do a bunch of stuff in the background and then you should see the results on the match page!

How do I find a match sharecode?

First, open CS:GO. Then click on the “Watch matches and tournaments” button on the left side. Click on the “Your matches” tab on the top. Click on the match you want to upload on the left. There will be a “Copy match sharing code” button on the bottom right. Clicking on that button will copy the sharecode and then you can paste it in the box on the app and have your gameplay analyzed!

How does the skill assessment work?

We pull apart your CS:GO demo file and analyze that data using statistics, machine learning, deep learning, and other techniques. With this analysis, we measure your skill in several different CS:GO-specific metrics like shooting, movement, grenades, and crosshair placement. We then figure out what you’re missing to get to the next level and suggest ways to practice and improve in those areas. We take into consideration not just your skill, but how that skill compares to others at your rank. As you rank up, you may need to improve on mechanics that we said were fine previously!

How do I sign up?

Click here to Sign Up

What sorts of economic mistakes can you detect?

Buying when you shouldn’t, not buying when you should, buying a never recommended weapon (m249, bizon, etc…), not buying utility when you should, buying utility when you shouldn’t, buying too much utility, buying the wrong kind of utility, the team not buying enough kits, the team buying too many kits, not dropping when you should, dropping an extra weapon, buying nothing on pistol round (more common than you think), buying a helmet when you shouldn’t, not buying a helmet when you should, and buying too many AWPs or other sniper rifles.

Why can’t I look at other people’s matches?

PureSkill.gg is intended to be a self-evaluation tool. We do not support analyzing other people’s gameplay as we feel this would be a violation of their privacy.

Why does the analysis take so long?

We are squeezing every tick for every bit of information we can get. This process takes quite some time! Speeding things up is definitely on the TODO list!