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Do you support CS2?


Why are there a bunch of matches that say “error”?

If you joined the site in the past, then came back after a break, Coach will attempt to download ALL of your matches. Since many of them may be older than 7 days, Valve has deleted the demo and we cannot analyze it. It is important to check in with your Coach about once per week so you don’t lose any matches.

Will I be VAC banned?

No. The Coach analyzes your match after you have finished playing. You don’t install any programs.

We do not give you advice while you are playing because that would be considered cheating.

How much does it cost?

Coach’s assessments are free! You get the most value by upgrading to Pro where coach will link your mishaps in the game to the 2D viewer so you can see exactly what happened. Upgrade to Pro for $3.75/month on the annual payment plan or $5.00/month on the monthly payment plan to unlock more features and rank up faster. See https://pureskill.gg/pricing.

How is PureSkill.gg different than other websites?

There are a number of statistics websites out there that look very similar to PureSkill.gg on the surface. But the similarities end there. Here are a few things that differentiate us from other websites.

1. Mistake detection, not statistics
In 2018, we realized there was a great deal of pain among CS:GO players. This was because it is very difficult to improve and rank up. Nearly everyone asking for help in places like /r/learncsgo were getting the same, generic advice from the community. We realized that the best way to improve was to have someone actually review your gameplay and give you advice. I know this is true, because I reviewed many demos myself, and continue to do so to this day. We set out to build an automated coach, not a statistics website.

It seems most other websites figured out how to calculate statistics in CS:GO and present them. Maybe they add a layer telling you if you are above/below average. We want to go beyond a bunch of numbers and squiggly lines to give a real coach-like experience, and that is what we have built.

2. Advice Priority
There are lots of things players do wrong. A good coach can prioritize a list of things for you to work on to make the most impact in your gameplay. We are the only website that gives you a prioritized list of things to work on. This is designed to be similar to feedback an actual coach would give you.

Other sites tend to just give you a list of every metric where you may have been slightly below average.

3. Verification of assessments
When our automated Coach tells you that you made a mistake, you can use the 2D match viewer to easily verify that. Being able to validate your results from the automated Coach has been an important part of our website design from the beginning.

A lack of verification has led many other websites to calculate incorrect stats for months/years and mislead many people in the community. Say, for instance, if a website couldn’t tell if one player could see another, that would mean things like accuracy, time to damage, and crosshair placement could be wrong for a long time on other websites.

4. Accountability
You can easily see who built this website. For some reason, other websites don’t have this information easily available.

5. Security
We built the website using best security practices and didn’t cut corners there. While no website is impenetrable, we want the community to trust us and what we’re doing. We wouldn’t want to have a security breach soon after launching that was entirely preventable.

How do I cancel my membership?

Here is a link to the page where you cancel your membership. You should see a “Cancel your subscription” link if you are a subscriber.

To navigate to this page go in to your Settings (gear button on the top right), click “Manage membership”, and click “Cancel your subscription”. You will retain use of the site until your membership runs out. We dislike websites that make it difficult or confusing to cancel a membership, so it is easy on our site.

If there is anything you need help with, we respond very quickly to any questions in our Discord. You can also email us at contact@pureskill.gg

How do I analyze my matches?

This happens automatically after you fully connect you account. There are step-by-step instructions on how to do this when you login to the site for the first time. You need to connect your Steam account (so we know who you are in each match) and connect your CS:GO API (so we can download your matches automatically). We also made a video that goes through the steps.

Is there a way to add older Matchmaking matches?

Yes. If you use the match share code from the oldest match available when you sign up, we will download everything since you played that match. The share code is only available for matches played within the last 7 days. We made a video that goes through the steps.

Or, if you you can upload any demo from your computer if you are a Pro.

Is FACEIT supported?

Yes. When you link your FACEIT account from the settings page, the Coach will automatically analyze new FACEIT matches plus all the matches you played in the last 30 days.

Is ESEA/Esportal/Gamers Club/HLTV etc. supported?

Yes. You can upload demos directly from your computer if your are a Pro.

Are wingman, casual, or unranked modes supported?

No. There is no real way for us to even access those replay files. We do not plan on adding this feature.

Why does the analysis take so long?

We are squeezing every tick for every bit of information we can get. This process takes quite some time!

How does the skill assessment work?

We pull apart your CS:GO demo file and analyze that data using statistics, machine learning, deep learning, and other techniques. With this analysis, we measure your skill in several different CS:GO-specific metrics like shooting, movement, grenades, and crosshair placement. We then figure out what you’re missing to get to the next level and suggest ways to practice and improve in those areas.

How do you determine the numerical score?

Have you ever given a movie a rating out of ten? We try and do something similar where 10 is the best, 5 is OK, and 1 is not good.

If you’re in our Discord, you can see many CS:GO coaches there. They provide out-of-ten ratings for players by watching their replays, then we calibrate our system to give similar values.

We also measure certain statistics or metrics as a function of rank and compare your numbers to that to get some of the out-of-ten ratings.

Can I share my results with my friends?

Yes. You can send a link to your match to anyone and they should be able to see it. Here is a link to an example match.

What Economic assessments do you do?

Here are the titles of our economic assessments:
– First Round Buys
– Save/Buy Decision
– Forgetting Kevlar
– Refreshing your Kevlar
– Grenade Purchases
– Upgrading your Primary Weapon

We plan on adding
– Second Round Buys
– Upgrading your Pistol
– Dropping for Teammates
– Too Many AWPs

What Shooting assessments do you do?

Here are the titles of our Shooting assessments:
– Pistol Spray Length
– Missing Initial Shots
– Headshot Accuracy
– Moving While Shooting
– Resetting Recoil
– Shooting Teammates

What Movement assessments do you do?

Here are the titles of our Movement assessments:
– Moving Just Before Shooting

We plan on adding:
– Rotation Speed
– Skill Jumps
– Peek Style
– Distance to Corner
– Overall Movement Grade

What Grenade assessments do you do?

Here are the titles of our Grenade assessments:
– Damage Grenade Throw Statistics
– Smoke Grenade Throw Statistics
– Flashbang Throw Statistics
– Teammates you Flashed
– Enemies you Flashed
– Flashes leading to Kills

We plan on adding much more!

What Impact assessments do you do?

Here are the titles of our Impact assessments:
– Kill Impact

We plan on adding:
– Death Impact
– Overall Impact

What Teamwork assessments do you do?

Here are the titles of our Teamwork assessments:
– Teammates Trading Your Deaths
– Trade Kill Opportunities
– Trade Kills

We plan on adding:
– Throwing Grenades With your Team

What Crosshair Placement assessments do you do?

There are none out on the site yet, but this is coming soon!

What Decision Making assessments do you do?

There are none out on the site yet, but this is coming soon!

What “Other Mistakes” assessments do you do?

Here are the title of our Other assessment:

– Moving quickly out of spawn

That is it for now!

Is there a leaderboard?

No. We do not make anyone’s results public. You can choose to share your results with anyone by sending them a link to your match (though they must have an account to view it)

Can I connect a second steam account?

No. But there is no reason why you can’t make a second account with a different email address.

I have another question that isn’t here. Where can I ask it?

In our Discord or by email: contact@pureskill.gg


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