The smartest AI coach for gamers

AI-powered coaching for Counter Strike players of all ranks to hone their skills, rank up, and dominate the game.

Get Prioritized Advice

Your Coach goes beyond numbers and identifies exactly what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. No complex stats, no spreadsheets. Just you and your robot Coach.

Watch What Happened

Replay the entire match with the 2D match viewer. You can verify mistakes, celebrate your improvements, and watch friends get rekt in slow-motion.

Fix your Mistakes

Coach takes you directly to videos, explanations, and training exercises designed to make you better — fast.

See your Improvement

Hone your skills in 30+ distinct assessments that every player needs to rank up and dominate the game.

Getting Started

Setting up your account is very easy.

Step 1

Create your account

Sign up by clicking here. It’s free to start. Then, connect your account so Coach can download your FACEIT and Matchmaking games.

Step 2

Play CS

You need to play some CS because Coach automatically downloads & analyzes your matches played after your account is setup.

Step 3

Rank up

Your Coach tells you everything you need to hone your skills, rank up, and dominate the game.

Watch the Coach in Action

BananaGaming shows you how to rank up with


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