Your automated,
AI-powered coach for CS:GO

Using machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and statistics to show you exactly how to get better and rank up.

Features of the coach


– Automatic match uploading from matchmaking
– Unlimited match uploads
– Free 2D demo viewer
– Analysis of your gameplay from our AI-powered coach
– Tailored list of the most important things for you to work on
– Breakdowns of what you did right and wrong
– 2D demo viewer integration of gameplay breakdowns
– Resources to help you improve

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Getting Started


Create and setup your account

Sign up by clicking here. It’s free to start. Then, link your steam account and your CS:GO account. Don’t worry, we provide detailed steps.


Play CS:GO

That is really the second step. You need to play some CS:GO because we automatically download and analyze your matches once your account is setup.


Check out what our coach has to say

Once you’re done playing, click on that match to see our assessment of your CS:GO match. We tell you what you’re doing wrong and exactly how to fix it. We show you the most important things to fix first, but you can also dive into your scores in every category.

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