The only automated coach for CS:GO

This is NOT statistics. This is personalized, automatic coaching for you.

Simple Advice

Your Coach goes beyond numbers and identifies exactly what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. No complex stats, no spreadsheets. Just you and your robot Coach.

Detailed Examples

Your Coach stands by their assessment. See all the relevant match details so you can check if you blinded teammates, saved at the right time, and more.

Recommended Resources

When your Coach finds mistakes they don’t stop there. Coach takes you directly to videos, explanations, and training exercises designed to make you better — fast.

Watch Yourself get Better

To complete the experience, your Coach has an integrated Match Viewer. Verify mistakes, celebrate your improvements, and watch friends get rekt in slow-motion.

Getting Started

Setting up your account is very easy.

Step 1

Create & setup your account

Sign up by clicking here. It’s free to start. Then, link your steam account and your CS:GO account. Don’t worry, there are detailed steps.

Step 2

Play CS:GO

That is really the second step. You need to play some CS:GO because we automatically download & analyze your matches once your account is setup.

Step 3

Check coach recommendations

Your Coach gives you the most important thing to work on. Check the Resources tab for ways to improve, and check the Details tab for data on your in-game actions. Use the 2D Match Viewer to check what happened during the match.


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