Setting up your account is very easy.

Step 1

Create your account

Sign up by clicking here. It’s free to start. Then, connect your account so Coach can download your FACEIT and Matchmaking games.

Step 2

Play CS:GO

You need to play some CS:GO because Coach automatically downloads & analyzes your matches played after your account is setup.

Step 3

Rank up

Your Coach tells you everything you need to hone your skills, rank up, and dominate the game.

The coach detects mistakes

The Coach finds the most important things to work on by considering how well you did, how difficult it is to fix, how much impact fixing it will have on winning, and how relevant it is to your playstyle. Detecting individual mistakes is a much better way to improve than comparing your numbers to some silly benchmark.

Skill Assessment

A few examples of the specific mistakes the Coach can detect are forgetting to buy armor, moving while shooting, missing trade kill opportunities, and moving towards opponents when engaging. You can filter your results by each major gameplay category described below.

We are working to be able to detect more and more each day. Join our Discord to stay up to date or to request a feature.


The Coach analyzes how you spend your money and looks for any mistakes (looking at you, “awp on save round” guy).

Round Impact

Not all frags are created equal. Coach can tell if you were baiting and getting low-impact kills or were really contributing to the team.

Grenade Use

Using grenades correctly and efficiently is tough. Coach can tell if you missed a smoke or not. No stats websites can do that.

Crosshair Placement

Quick headshots are common at high ranks in CS:GO and that is because of good crosshair placement. Not having to adjust your crosshair makes for easy kills. Coming soon!


Helping your team out is a crucial skill but is essentially untracked in CS:GO. Coach detects throwing nades together, getting trade kills, getting traded, and more.


See enemy: shoot enemy. Is CS:GO really that simple? Coach can tell if your shooting style is causing you to be inaccurate and much more about how you shoot.


Good movement can bring your play to the next level. Coach can tell if you’ve been properly counter-strafing or moving like some kind of bot.

Decision Making

Should you rotate cat or underpass? Throw a nade or reload? Peek or hide? So many choices to make! Coming soon.

Other mistakes

Anything else we didn’t cover! Coming soon.


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