How It Works


Sign up and connect your account

Sign up by clicking here. Then link your steam account and CS:GO account. That way we know who you are and can automatically download/analyze your matches


Play CS:GO

That’s right. The easiest step in the process. Play a bunch of matches so our coach has time to analyze your gameplay.


Fix your weakness

We provide a tailored plan that pinpoints which mechanic you should work on. We also provide some suggestions on specific practice techniques that target those mechanics.

Skill Assessment

Skill in CS:GO is made up of many different mechanics. We assess each one of these and then make suggestions to overcome your weaknesses.


Purchacing weapons and equipment at the start of each round can lead to some tough choices. We will detect bad purchases and when you should have dropped a teammate!

Round Impact

Not all frags are created equal. We analyze just how much your team’s chances of winning change with each of your kills.

Grenade Use

Ever been caught out with a flash in your hand? Using nades is tough, and we have the technology to tell if you missed a smoke, shouldn’t have thrown that flash, and if your molotov was effective.

Crosshair Placement

Quick headshots are common at high ranks in CS:GO and that is because of good crosshair placement. Not having to adjust your crosshair makes for easy kills


Helping your team out is a crucial skill but is essentially untracked in CS:GO. We can detect flash assists, getting traded, and more to help you understand if you are being a team player!


See enemy: shoot enemy. Is CS:GO really that simple? We assess your skill in shooting including flick accuracy, spray control, and shooting style (tap/spray).


Good movement can bring your play to the next level. Do you move like a bot? Find out soon.

Decision Making

Should you rotate cat or underpass? Throw a nade or reload? Peek or hide? So many choices to make! We will assess if you’re making the right ones

Other mistakes

This includes anything else such as your settings.